Celebrating our Heritage

Celebrating our Heritage

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What are the stories of your town or city? What makes us who we are?


What are the stories of your town or city?  What makes us who we are?

What is heritage?

Heritage is a big term. It can be best described as anything from the past that we value and want to pass onto future generations[1]. It can be important objects, buildings and artwork, people’s memories, culture and ancestry as well as the stories of local communities. Depending on where you live, your town or city might be rich with different cultures and stories from the past that shape the way you live today.

Do we always know where we come from? Do we truly appreciate the history our own families or of our local communities? We live with so many different people of different cultures and experiences of the world. Can learning about the heritage of others lead to a better understanding of people who have different backgrounds from our own? 

Watch what Dan, a young entrepreneur, has to say about heritage.

Can learning about the heritage (of ourselves and others) lead to a better understanding of people who have different backgrounds from our own? How can knowing more about the cultures and experiences of people we live with help us appreciate the places we live in? 

I don't think you can move forward without understanding where you've come from…



Research the possible problems and the opportunities:

Look into the importance of heritage and find out if people are disconnected from learning about it (this could be their own heritage or other people’s)

Examples for why could include:

  • Learning about heritage seems boring
  • People don’t realise what’s on their doorstep
  • It’s a broad term and so could be confusing
  • People don’t think it is necessary to their lives

Design the solution

Design a product, campaign or service that will overcome this problem. Examples could include:

A product: A toolkit for primary school children that has games and prompts that encourage them to explore their background and identities

A campaign: An exhibition that invites people from your town/city to share their memories of how their family came to live in the community 

A service: an app that provides fun and informative tips about the history of your town/city when you scan your phone over specific buildings and landmarks.